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Main Features

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Personal AI Consultant

Health consultation is provided by an AI, AI will ask a bunch of questions about your illness and then propose a diagnosis based on information provided by user

Cross Platform

Trimark Health App is available on Android, iOS and WebApp


Secure Health Data

The technology creates PODs (personal online data) that ensures interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs) and it keeps your personal health records secured and under your control. App is secured by blockchain to prevent dosage abuse.

Save Your Time

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The ORIP Technology

ORIP (Optimal Remote Ischemic Preconditioning) is a non-invasive, wearable device technology that triggers a cascade of cellular events in one organ tissue (upper limbs) by subjecting it to alternate cycles of ischemic stress followed by reperfusion. Such treatment triggers homeostatic redox signaling, releasing protective molecules in circulation, which travel to all vital organs and protect them from subsequent ischemic or oxidative stress / injury.


Each unit of the Redoxer product comprise of a pair of devices for the right and left upper arms. Both the devices are operated in tandem via a mobile app inflating and deflating alternately to occlude the blood supply for predefined time interval. This method induces optimal optimal redox regulation response that improves general health by modulating:
1. Cell Survival
2. Cell Renewal
3. Cell Repair
4. Cell Apoptosis (Death of damaged or cancerous cells)

Benefits Of ORIP Technology

1. Protection To Heart, Brain, Kidney, Liver and Other Vital Organs Against Injury and biological insults.
2. Protection Against Multi-Organ Failure.
3. Blood pressure diagnosis and control.
4. Cardiovascular Risks Attenuated.
5. Potent Defence against lifestyle disease.
6. Benefits That Mimic Physical Exercise.
7. Enhances the body’s Defence Mechanism.
8. Benefits Include Antiaging & Performance Enhancement.
9. Improving extreme athletic performance without steroids.

Redoxer is a home-use wearable device that can potentially have a huge impact on the global health and fitness industry. Boosting body’s defence against acute organ injuries, such as heart attack, stroke, etc, preventing SCDs, enhancing body’s threshold to everyday biological insults, preventing inevitable surgery-associated injuries to heart and other organs, improving extreme athletic performance without steroids, decelerating aging, all of which seemed impossible to achieve, are now possible to address with ORIP technology.

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