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Healthcare is riddled with two GREATEST PARADOXES of all time:

Paradox 1: Increased health spending from $7.6 to $18.28 Trillion in next 2 decades will actually increase cardiovascular deaths.

Paradox 2: Human body is a marvelous self-correcting homeostatic machine, yet the power of homeostasis has never been used in clinical practice.

Resolving these paradoxes will revolutionize healthcare.

We are challenging both the paradoxes with our patented ORIP technology . ORIP exploits the power of homeostasis for defence against acute ischemic injuries to vital organs, such as heart & brain, which kills one of us every 4-5 seconds.

Based on ORIP, we designed REDOXER. It is a non-prescription, wearable, wellness OTC device.

Almost 40% of world’s cardiovascular deaths are occurring in India & China. For maximum global impact we are introducing Redoxer in India & China before a global launch. For further info, check out our country-specific sites.

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Our Story

The Beginning:
The phenomenon of ischemic preconditioning for organ protection was first discovered in 1986. Since then over 24,000 studies establish its safety & efficiacy.

A tragic event in 2006 set the Redoxer inventor on a mission to harness the power of this innate homeostatic phenomenon. About 7 years later a patent was granted & Optimal Remote Ischemic Preconditioning (ORIP) technology platform was officially born.

The Present:
Although ORIP is a broad technology platform that can potentially spinoff several disease-specific prescription devices, Redoxer is designed as an OTC wearable wellness device to target prevention of world’s most common ischemic injuries that kill millions every year: heart attack & stroke. ORIP technology is patented (US Patent No. 8911469)

The Future:
Prescription ORIP devices for several clinical indications are in works. A Chinese patent has been filed and world PCT protection is in progress. Stay tuned.

The ORIP Technology

ORIP (Optimal Remote Ischemic Preconditioning) is a non-invasive, wearable device technology that triggers a cascade of cellular events in one organ tissue (upper limbs) by subjecting it to alternate cycles of ischemic stress followed by reperfusion. Such treatment triggers homeostatic redox signaling, releasing protective molecules in circulation, which travel to all vital organs and protect them from subsequent ischemic or oxidative stress / injury.

ORIP technology platform is based on one of the well established homeostatic principles that kicks in with controlled stress induced in one or more of the limbs triggering a cascade of cellular events that disseminate redox signaling throughout the body reaching vital organs such as heart, brain, etc. Such signaling releases diverse range of cellular modulators that defend all vital cells against damage / injury / aging.

Each unit of the Redoxer product comprise of a pair of devices for the right and left upper arms. Both the devices are operated in tandem via a mobile app inflating and deflating alternately to occlude the blood supply for predefined time interval. This method induces optimal optimal redox regulation response that improves general health by modulating:
  1. Cell Survival
  2. Cell Renewal
  3. Cell Repair
  4. Cell Apoptosis (Death of damaged or cancerous cells)

REDOXER Benefits!

  1. Protection To Heart, Brain, Kidney, Liver and Other Vital Organs Against Injury and biological insults.
  2. Protection Against Multi Organ Failure.
  3. Blood pressure diagnosis and control.
  4. Cardiovascular Risks Attenuated.
  5. Potent Defence against lifestyle disease.
  6. Benefits That Mimic Physical Exercise.
  7. Enhances body’s Defence Mechanism.
  8. Benefits Include Antiaging & Performance Enhancement.
  9. Improving extreme athletic performance without steroids.

Redoxer is a home-use wearable device that can potentially have a huge impact on the global health and fitness industry.

Boosting body’s defence against acute organ injuries, such as heart attack, stroke, etc, preventing SCDs, enhancing body’s threshold to everyday biological insults, preventing inevitable surgery-associated injuries to heart and other organs, improving extreme athletic performance without steroids, decelerating aging, all of which seemed impossible to achieve, are now possible to address with ORIP technology.

The Product:

Redoxer Twins, The Power Of Two

Human body is endowed with a self-regulating process called homeostasis, which maintains stability by adjusting conditions that are optimal for survival.

If homeostasis is successful, life continues; if unsuccessful, disaster or death ensues.

Redoxer ensures that homeostasis succeeds and disaster is averted. Stress induced by reduced oxygen/blood supply (ischemia) to one organ triggers molecules (redox signalling) that protect all organs from damage or death. Redox signaling is cellular communication within a living system and is an essential enabler of homeostasis.

Redox homeostasis is the Golden Mean of healthy living. REDOXER is the device that makes it happen.

Video presentation

Life Happens With 20 Minute Of Daily Relaxation:

20 minutes of daily relaxation with Redoxer is all that it takes to boost your defence against any impending cardiovascular event.

Extreme Sport:

ORIP has the potential to improve extreme athletic performance without steroids.